Brandon Hixson is the Worship Pastor for Tabernacle Baptist Church in Ennis, Texas. Brandon and his wife Karen, along with their two children, Caleb and Caylin have served since 2013. 

Brandon Hixson has been actively involved in music since 2000. He has been the lead vocalist and sax player for the Christian outfits, Godfueled, Splendorleaf and Racing Gravity. He has written and produced 13 albums between 2003 and 2019. The Christian Radio and Retail Weekly selected six of Brandon’s compositions as singles. His 2010 single, Only by His Grace was selected by the Texas Christian Songwriters Association as one of the ten best compositions for 2010. The song also charted at #111 on the iTunes Charts for being one of the most downloaded Christian Singles in the fall of 2010. It was later featured as the theme song to the film, One Church, which starred former POW, Jessica Lynch. His 2008 single, What's In This Love  was the 13th most played Independent Single on Christian Radio for 2008. Since then, he has released several albums ; Unashamed (2012), Turn Up The Radio (2015), Picture Of You (2016), Here Is My Heart (2017) , Seasons (2018) and Surrender (2019).   

Brandon has 12 songs listed by CCLI including The Day Death Died, Only By His Grace, His Love Is Enough and I Come To You. (All songs are available for download on Song Select.)



Brandon Hixson Discography

2004 - Godfueled...TWENTYFOUR.SEVEN
2008 - Splendorleaf...SPLENDORLEAF
2009 - Splendorleaf...WAITING ON A CUE
2009 - Brandon Hixson...MY HEART'S MELODY
2011 - Racing Gravity...RACING GRAVITY
2012 - Brandon Hixson...UNASHAMED
2013 - Racing Gravity...THE BEST OF RACING GRAVITY
2015 - Brandon Hixson...TURN UP THE RADIO
2016 - Brandon Hixson...PICTURE OF YOU
2017 - Brandon Hixson...HERE IS MY HEART
2018 - Brandon Hixson...SEASONS
2019 - Taberancle Worship...SURRENDER
2019 - Brandon Hixson...THE BEST OF BRANDON HIXSON
Brandon Hixson
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Brandon Hixson